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The benefit of waterproof floors

Though it’s relatively new to the flooring industry, waterproof flooring offers benefits that put it above many traditional types of flooring for areas that are prone to spills or leaks. By many flooring retailers, it is considered a subcategory of luxury vinyl plank (LVP), but it stands alone in that it can be used where LVP traditionally should not like bathrooms, basements and mudrooms. Waterproof flooring has a dense extruded waterproof core which gives it a unique balance of strength and resilience. It is 100% waterproof and will not delaminate or swell when exposed to moisture or spills.

Waterproof flooring is resilient

This unique flooring type easily resists scratches, dents and stains. It has an impenetrable vinyl backing that is laid with a waterproof adhesive which protects from water penetration. Because of its special construction, it holds advantages over traditional floor coverings used in areas prone to spills such as tile, laminate and wood.

Waterproof flooring is easy to clean

Waterproof floors have no grime or dirt traps, making it exceptionally easy to clean. It can mimic the look of your favorite floors including wood and tile, but does not have space between planks for such intrusions. We recommend a pH neutral cleaner to keep your floors looking their best.

Waterproof flooring is here to stay

The advancements in technology have increased the popularity of waterproof floors, especially in areas prone to moisture. There are many styles and colors from which to choose, and we invite you to browse our catalog here or visit the Easton Flooring showroom to see them in person.

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