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Easton Flooring is a family owned business that has been involved in the flooring industry for over 35 years. Phil Ashley started out as a flooring mechanic in the 1970’s over the years two of his sons, Steve and Dan, followed him into the flooring business. In 2004 they decided to open a flooring store to better serve the selection needs of their customers. Since that point Easton Flooring has become a full service flooring showroom that assists homeowners from selecting the right material for their house to making sure the installation of the product is done correctly. We offer our customers a large selection of flooring options in colors and styles to fit every budget. Easton Flooring also offers top quality professional installation to ensure years of enjoyment of your flooring purchase. Visit our Contact page.
Easton Flooring Store in Willow Grove PA
At Easton Flooring our first goal is to educate homeowners about the different types of flooring options available to them. Our second goal is to provide options that will meet the demands our customers put on their homes. Our third goal is to provide an accurate estimate so you know how much your project will cost before the work is started. At Easton Flooring we understand that a one size fits all approach does not work with flooring. Every home has different needs and every homeowner places different demands on their house. We work hard to listen and understand those needs and demands and match them with a floor you will love.

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