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Does fiber matter when choosing area rugs?

If you're looking for a perfect area rug, chances are you have a specific purpose in mind for it. Depending on what that purpose is, fiber could matter a great deal.

In busy areas, especially with pets and children, you'll want a fiber that stands up to heavy wear. But in rooms with little traffic, you can choose something less durable.

What are your area rugs used for?

When thinking about fiber, think about the specific purpose of your rugs. Each fiber offers different characteristics, so one is likely to serve you best.

Here are some fibers to consider. A brief overview of their strengths may give you a head start on your shopping experience.

? Nylon - The most popular fiber offers excellent strength and crush resistance. It also resists mold and rot, lasting up to 15 years.

? Polyester - These colors do not fade and offer excellent stain protection. It's also a hypoallergenic option with eco-friendly benefits.

? Wool - This all-natural material is soft, luxurious, and includes no chemicals. It also offers the most extended carpet lifespan.

? Olefin (polypropylene) - Often used in commercial settings, olefin is very stain resistant. It's also soft, effortless to clean, resists fading, and so much more.

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