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Does texture matter with area rugs?

You'll find extensive texture options as you shop for area rug carpet. Each has different characteristics and benefits to serve you at your level of need.

But does texture matter? We're going to tell you more about it so you can decide how much weight to give this choice in your shopping.

What is carpet texture?

The texture describes the look and feel of the fiber that you can see and touch. Fibers can be twisted, looped, cut, short, long, and so much more.

Shag carpeting has a reputation for long fibers that lay in any direction. You can choose rugs with the same texture options as carpet flooring for limitless visuals.

Enjoy a variety of options, including Berber, Frieze, Saxony, Plush, and many more. Naturally, one will likely work better for you than the others, so be sure to browse with care.

Important facts about texture

Some textures are much easier to clean than others, offering more peace of mind in busy spaces. Others focus on sheer, plush elegance where traffic is low.

If you have specific decor schemes, some textures are better than others. For instance, a shag carpet may be a fantastic visual with a retro or vintage style.

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