Flooring installation done right

Flooring installation done right

At Easton Flooring, we are a flooring store that prides itself on quality installation. We are a family-owned business that has been here for over 35 years. We offer full-service installation with quality products and professional installation for residential and commercial.

Installed right the first time

With our installers, you can be sure that they know what they are doing. They will ask all the right questions and listen to your answers. They will measure the rooms right and handle the material properly, knowing that they will have to come back and fix it if they don't get it right. We guarantee our work. Rest assured, our team is a team of craftsmen who know flooring. They are the finest craftsmen in the region. If there are any potential difficulties or problem points, they will let you know and develop practical solutions. Experience is the key here.

Let us handle the work; we can do it for you

With lesser experienced installers, the job may take longer than expected to complete the work. Not to mention that additional time may be spent on mistakes that need to be corrected. If the homeowner or business owner wants to be present during installation, this can cause more time to be away from work or school. With our experienced team of installers, we can have the floors installed quickly and professionally, with minimal interruption of your regular schedule.

For commercial jobs, we do the most to minimize the impact on business

Most businesses are open during the day, some at night. At Easton Flooring, we work around your schedule if necessary so that you can have maximum time spent on your business and not on your floors. We are willing to come in at night or during the day, whenever you are off-hours, to get the job done and done right.

Easton Flooring is your flooring store for Willow Grove, PA, where we serve Willow Grove, Abington, Glenside, and Horsham. We do residential flooring installation and commercial flooring that won?t hurt your budget or distract you from your busy schedule. Visit our showroom in Willow Grove and see us. We'd love to walk you through all the options you have for your flooring needs. Let us be your flooring store.