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Here?s why area rugs could match your needs

Area rugs might be small, but they pack a big punch. They?re vital design elements that have a way of pulling an entire room decor together. They accent, highlight, and ground the room.

These rugs also come with the same benefits as carpets. Here's why area rugs could work for you.

Area rugs reduce noise

Did you ever walk into a room that seemed to echo all over the place? Chances are, the room only had hard surface flooring and wood furnishings. There was nothing to catch the vibrations, so the sounds bounced around.

Textures absorb those sounds. When layered over a hard surface, the room will quiet down.

Area rugs add comfort

Ever notice that your feet and back start aching when you shop at the mall? That's because it's all concrete, with no carpet to absorb the shock. That's the same principle with hard surface flooring.

We all know that area rugs are soft. That's one of the main appeals of soft surface flooring. When layered over a hard surface, it absorbs some of the impacts of your footsteps, taking pressure off your body.

Rugs ground the room

An area rug, when appropriately placed, anchors the furniture. Without it, the furniture "floats" with no clear borders.

Area rugs create additional rooms

Section off spaces to create rooms. When considering an area rug in Willow Grove, PA, feel free to explore our inventory.

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