Sheet vinyl flooring, an older flooring with a modern use

Sheet vinyl is an older flooring type, but don’t discount its use today. You may have seen it in older homes or even your grandparents' homes. However, it is modern flooring with a wealth of benefits, the first being its excellent look as an addition to your home floors. Let's look at the benefits.


It is composed of vinyl in a thin layer, attached to a felt-paper backing. It comes in 12-foot rolls and has the design imprinted atop it. Many manufacturers are using recycled materials to be environmentally conscious, but it is a petroleum product.

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Floor prep

As it is rolled onto the subfloor, bumps or cavities in the subfloor may show up. Our skilled installers will smooth out these areas, so the sheet has a smooth surface to lay upon. Depending on the subfloor’s condition, a new subfloor may be necessary. Or you may need a skim coat laid down to make a smooth surface for the sheet.


When you consider sheet vinyl or even vinyl flooring, you will find it impervious to liquid. That means that it is constructed of entirely waterproof materials, meaning PVC, a kind of vinyl. This is one of the most popular construction materials today. This means that, with no special coatings or backings, it can be completely submerged or spilled on, and no damage will result.


Durability is another feature that draws customers to this product. You can choose from various thicknesses, including different backings that offer resilience and cushioning. This makes it perfect for kitchens, where you may have to stand for long periods while cooking. Its construction makes it resistant to scratches, fading in sunlight, and stains. So you have beautiful floors to look at for years to come.
Vinyl in Willow Grove, PA from Easton Flooring


The vinyl sheet has a low maintenance factor to it. Vinyl floors need regular sweeping and periodic mopping. Its waterproof nature will protect the surface from the water, and so you can clean without worry of damaging it.


It can be a quick installation, but this is a process best done by professionals. Since the flooring is installed as a single piece, the measures, cuts, and installation process must be exact. Our technicians are experienced at this. We will make sure that your sheet vinyl is installed correctly, and you'll only pay for the amount of flooring installed. We back our work with warranties and give you all the information you need to maintain your floor to keep it new looking.

Easton Flooring has a showroom located in Willow Grove, PA, and we serve Willow Grove, PA, Abington, PA, Glenside, PA, and Horsham, PA. Our qualified and trained associates are standing by to help you look at our inventory and answer any questions you may have. Once you’ve found your favorite sheet, we will get the installation process started and completed in no time. Let us help you find the right flooring for you.