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Top Quality Flooring Installation Services: Residential & Commercial

Our licensed & insured specialists have extensive residential & commercial installation experience with every type of flooring product. Easton Flooring places a great deal of emphasis on providing the best possible residential & commercial installations for every available flooring product. We install hardwood, laminate, ceramic & porcelain tile, vinyl and more for homeowners and businesses in Willow Grove, PA, Abington, PA, Glenside, PA, Horsham, PA, Willow Grove, PA and other nearby Pennsylvania communities.

Residential installations

When Easton Flooring installs new floors for area homeowners, they can rely upon receiving aesthetically superior, long-lasting results that will increase their family’s comfort and the market value of their homes. Poor installations by inexperienced installers are the number one reason that remodeling projects cost more and take longer due to damage, mistakes and necessary after-the fact repairs. Flooring product manufacturers and most dealers almost always recommend professional installation for these reasons:

  • Flooring materials require different installation methods – It’s a well-known fact that different types of flooring require different preparatory work and installation techniques. For example, hardwood flooring products need to become acclimated to the environment they will be placed in by being allowed to sit in the installation area for as long as 3 days before the work begins. This allows the wood to absorb humidity that allows them to be fitted together and affixed to the substrate properly. If this isn’t done, the boards can later expand and cause ‘warping’ because there’s no room for normal expansion to take place.
  • Installation is completed more quickly – As a rule, inexperienced installers take several days longer to complete their work. And this doesn’t take into account additional time required to correct mistakes. Furthermore, since most homeowner’s want to be present to keep tabs on the work as it’s progressing, this could require taking still more time off from work or school. The installation team at Easton Flooring will have your new floors installed faster, properly and with less interruption to your family’s normal schedule.
  • You will save money – Professional residential installations are the most cost effective way to get your new floors installed correctly and affordably. We have often been called in to repair the mistakes made by non-professional installers and do-it-yourselfers and this can cost considerably more in the long run. Our craftsmen always complete their work on schedule and without extra costs that can exceed our customer’s budget.



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Commercial installations

Easton Flooring also offers professional flooring installation to businesses of every kind. We are certainly well aware of the need to complete the work in your office, store or other commercial facility as quickly as possible to minimize the downtime in your operation. We also understand the importance of having your store or office looking professional, up-to-date and welcoming to your customers; as well as the importance of first impressions to your new customers.

It is a wise decision to upgrade the floors in your business because they are often the first thing your clients or customers notice when they walk through your front door. It’s a well-known fact that people are more apt to patronize a neat, clean looking business as opposed to one that appears drab, time worn and less welcoming.

Easton Flooring will perform high-quality flooring installations of any size for any flooring product that you choose including hardwood, tile, laminate, and more. When you move your commercial business into a new location, you may need new flooring. There’s no need to deal with the former occupant’s time-worn, scratched flooring that has become dull and lackluster after many years of foot traffic. We can provide your business enterprise with a modern, new look at an affordable price.

Want more information? Call us, e-mail us, or drop by our showroom in Willow Grove, PA at your convenience to discuss your flooring needs, whether residential or commercial, with one of our installation specialists.