Hardwood floor refinishing


Easton Flooring specializes in the art of hardwood floor refinishing

One could argue that Easton Flooring has a love affair with hardwood floor refinishing. They install thousands of square feet of hardwood every year. Those floors look sensational, and hardwoods deliver years of service. But after years of service, those floors need a facelift. They need their original beauty restored. Fortunately, Easton Flooring is artisan experts in the art of hardwood refinishing.

Hardwood floor refinishing; an excellent solution for older flooring

Even after years of service many hardwood floors can be restored to their original beauty. Fine heirloom hardwoods take on the look of floors freshly installed. Hardwoods have always been a favorite choice for floors. Grand old homes often contain rare hardwoods on the floors; varieties of cherry, walnut, hickory and birdseye maple.

Easton Flooring’s skilled refinishing craftsmen use the best equipment and the best products when they restore hardwoods. Their tried and tested method assures success every time. It’s a process that takes a bit of time. But the result is so spectacular that homeowners marvel at the transformation. And it’s done at a fraction of the cost of a new installation. Refinishing is a wise and popular choice.



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Hardwood floor refinishing done the correct way

Easton Flooring begins the restoration process by sanding the old finish away and sanding to raw wood. Sanding eliminates scratches and other blemishes from the hardwood surface. The floor is then stained or sealed with a sanding sealer. This is an important step to assure that the final procedure is flawless. Then a number of coats of a urethane finish are applied. Properly done, your floors will look like they were just installed. And will give years of service.

Hardwood floor refinishing is one of many floor covering solutions

Refinishing is one of many floor covering products and services offered by Easton Flooring. Call them today for a free estimate for your refinishing project. No one does hardwood floor refinishing better than Easton Flooring.