The decorative appeal of area rugs

The decorative appeal of area rugs

You're intrigued but need more time to be ready to go all in. We're talking about the carpet trend toward bold colors and patterns.
Area rugs are the ideal compromise. You still make a design statement, but in a smaller dose?which is sometimes more effective.

Little gems that tie a room?s decor together

"Design from the floor up!" By now, you've most likely heard this designer battle cry.

It means the floor becomes the foundation of a room's design. They support and reinforce the design plan.

With such a large selection of colors, designs, fibers, and sizes, it's easy to find the right one for your home. So, let our designers help you search for the right area rug in Willow Grove, PA.

These area rugs also:

1.Brighten up a neutral carpet or tone down an overly patterned one.

2.Add an unexpected pop of color and texture. I did this myself with an all-white, bland kitchen. I strategically placed some blue woven rugs.

3.Accent and highlight. Choose a mat color that aligns with one already existing in your overall surface (whether carpet or any hard surface).

4.Accent and highlight: Choose the mat color aligned with your wall-to-wall or hard surface. It doesn't cover up a beautiful wood floor. It enhances the undertones.

How to place

Proper placement and size of the rugs are critical to the interior design plan. It requires that area rugs fit entirely (or at least under the front legs) under significant furniture (such as sofas). In addition, there should be a 12-to-18-inch extension of the bare floor.

In dining rooms, it should fit under tables and chairs. In bedrooms, you can always place two matching runners on each side of the bed.

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Easton Flooring, a family-owned company that began in the 1970s, knows the significant role area rugs play in any interior design plan. We have a large selection, and you can always see us about creating your own.

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