Can area rugs be machine washed?

Can area rugs be machine washed?

The popularity of area rugs has been exploding over the years, and everyone is talking about their easy cleanability?really, it usually takes a good shaking out!

However, spills will happen, and you may wonder if you can throw your rug in the washer. In many cases, the answer is yes, if the rug is made of cotton, polyester, or olefin fiber.

Wash it in cold water, and use the delicate cycle. Let it air dry.

First, check the label

Like broadloom, area rugs come in various fibers, the material from which the yarns are made. That makes it the rug itself, whether carpet broadloom, wall-to-wall or area rug.

Some natural jute, sisal, or wool fibers cannot be machine washed. Keep in mind there are also imitations?so check the instructions.

Also, look at all the rug?s components; many rugs have a jute backing so check the instructions.

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