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Luxury vinyl flooring FAQs

It's inspiring to remodel your home with luxury vinyl flooring. But we know you'll have questions about the materials as you shop.

This flooring line has plenty of benefits to serve you well for years to come. And it's worth your time to find out all you can about it.

Frequently asked questions about luxury vinyl

Is luxury vinyl waterproof?

Luxury vinyl
is an excellent choice for waterproof flooring. They are entirely impervious to water and make a great addition to any room of your home for protection.

Is luxury vinyl durable?

Luxury vinyl flooring offers an excellent construction you can customize to fit your needs. They resist stains, scratches, dents, and dings even in heavy traffic.

How long will my luxury vinyl flooring last?

When you choose the highest quality, these floors can last up to 20 years with ease. A professional installation and regular care help them reach this intended lifespan.

What's the best way to clean luxury vinyl?

A broom and damp mop can keep these floors clean and gorgeous under most circumstances. If you need commercial cleaners, refer to your manufacturer's recommendations.

Do I need an underlayment with this installation?

Some luxury vinyl flooring comes with an underlayment already attached. An underlayment can help with comfort, warmth, noise reduction, and smoothing subfloor imperfections.

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