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Some important luxury vinyl cleaning questions: answered!

When you buy new luxury vinyl flooring, we know you have questions. And we?re ready to answer them.

One of the answers we?re asked most often concerns the cleaning process. We have some tips for you in today?s post, so read along now.

Can you steam clean luxury vinyl?

Luxury vinyl
is a waterproof flooring product, but we do not recommend steam cleaning. Manufacturers warn against it, and it can even void your warranty.

The water used in steam cleaning isn't the issue. However, excessive heat levels can damage the vinyl and cause your flooring to fail.

Can I clean these floors with vinegar?

Vinegar works well for cleaning luxury vinyl flooring. However, we recommend mixing it with at least one gallon of water instead of using it undiluted.

You can even use apple cider vinegar for a fresher scent. Be sure to rinse well with plain hot water with no additives.??

A potential cleaning schedule

You should sweep or vacuum your luxury vinyl flooring daily to remove dirt and debris. You can follow with a dry mop if you prefer.

Spills, stains, and accidents need instant attention. Deep cleaning with a wet mop and recommended cleaner should happen every two weeks for the best results.

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