Where should I place area rugs?

Where should I place area rugs?

Area rugs are just little carpets. Unlike wall-to-wall carpet, which fits across the entire room, a scatter rug is smaller than the space's square footage.

Area rugs come in many fiber types. These little rugs are available in stock or custom and offer the same benefits as any soft surface?noise insulation, warmth, comfort, safety, and more.

They're aesthetic with both financial and functional benefits. That makes them virtually appropriate for any area.

From a design perspective

"Minimal maximalism" is expected to be a big trend this year.

As you might expect, maximalism is about "living out loud"-bright, bold colors and patterns. However, the idea of "minimal minimalism? is that not everybody is ready to go all in.

So, let the neutral soft or hard surface be the background. Then layer that carpet or other flooring with pops of color, textures, and patterns.

Area rugs can accent, highlight, add visual interest to carpets, or even tone down overly patterned ones.

From a functional point of view

1.Place area rugs at entrances, so people don't track in mud, leaves, and dirt on their shoes.??

2.Place them in high-traffic areas to protect your floors from wear.

And financially

Have a worn rug that?s too expensive to replace? Have it cut around the worn areas and make it into a rug.

That same principle applies to family heirlooms or leftover pieces from a carpet installation. We can learn more about area rugs in Willow Grove, PA, by visiting our showroom.

A word about padding

Just because they're small doesn't mean they don't need one. The proper padding will hold it in place and protect it from foot traffic.

Ask the professionals at the flooring store about the best one to choose.

Family values, state-of-the-art flooring knowledge

Easton Flooring has been in the industry for over 70 years. We keep our ear to the ground on trends, and layering with area rugs is one big one.?

We want you, as Karastan says, "living beautifully." You'll also see a lot of Mohawk in our showroom in Willow Grove, PA. Visit us today, especially if you live or work in Willow Grove, Roslyn, Horsham, Glenside, or Abington, PA.